Perfect Lips 

Kiss thin, tired lips goodbye with treatment options that can restore their youthful, healthy-looking appearance. From augmenting your lips by plumping or reshaping them to addressing the fine vertical lines that form over time between the nose and the top of your lips, the impact can be both subtle or more dramatic depending on your preferences.

Common Problems

Thin lips, smoker’s lines

Treatment Options

Dermal Fillers – Juvéderm®, Restylane®

An effective way to restore volume to your lips and smooth the lines around the mouth (including smile and marionette lines), dermal fillers smooth wrinkles, soften creases, and improve facial contours by acting like your body’s own naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Treatments using proven products such as Juvéderm® and Restylane® take about 30-90 minutes depending on the area treated, and can cause mild-to-moderate swelling and bruising for three to seven days. Results are visible right away and can last up to six months for lips and up to 12 months for the facial wrinkles and folds that surround them.

Lip Flip

The Lip Flip is a quick in office treatment. A small amount of wrinkle relaxer, Botox ® or Dysport®, is used to make your upper lip look fuller. The procedures takes about 10-20 minutes. The wrinkle relaxer temporarily relaxes the muscles around your lip and causes your lips to “flip” upward and outward, giving your lips a fuller appearance.

Back bar lip mask/treatment

As we age, the skin on our lips starts to thin, making it more susceptible to damage such as chapped lips and fine lines. Lip masks are an effective tool to restore hydration, vitality and suppleness to the lips, especially when used as an adjunct to dermal fillers. Lips, like your skin, require care. Consider exfoliation, hydration and protection including sun protection when creating your own lip care treatment plan.

PDO Thread Lift

Threads can be a great addition to lip filler and are used to create that coveted crisp border that everyone desires. PDO is a minimally invasive procedure that reduces fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging collagen production for more volume in the treated areas. PDO stands for polydioxanone, an absorbable polymer that is flexible and durable. Recovery time averages three to seven days. Results are immediate, and last up to 18 months between maintenance treatments.

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