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Flawless Medspa Monthly Giveaway in Excelsior, MN

I have some exciting news and I’m here to tell you how YOU can be a winner!

I am seriously so grateful to all of my amazing clients and I can’t wait to meet more amazing people in our community. As a thank you, I am bringing you a chance to win FREE products and services every single month. My first giveaway starts in September, so get ready to win and have some fun!!

Enter every month if you are at least 18 years and older. Participants will never be required to make a purchase to be entered because entry is always free. This monthly contest is open to current and potential customers and as an added bonus, Flawless VIP members will automatically get one additional entry when you opt in.

How To Enter the Giveaway

It’s super easy to enter. First, click on the link provided in the current monthly contest announcement and you will be entered in the Flawless Medspa Monthly Giveaway. Then, if you want additional entries or you need to find the current month’s link, head over to our blog, website and Social channels including Facebook, You Tube, and Instagram.

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How you can increase your chances of becoming a winner?

It’s easy and the odds are in your favor! In addition to your first entry, take advantage of even more chances to win!

  • Like the Giveaway Post on Facebook, Instagram or You Tube
  • Follow Flawless on Instagram or Facebook
  • Subscribe to our You Tube Channel and click the bell for notifications
  • Share a post or video on any platform mentioned in this article
  • Comment on any giveaway announcement
  • Refer a friend in the comments who also enters the giveaway

Entries will be available and valid from the time the Giveaway is posted until 1159 pm on the last day of that month and I will announnce winners by the 5th day of the following month. You may not trade prizes or winnings for other services, products, or value. A Nurse Practitioner will determine Medical suitability when appropriate and all products and services are subject to approval by our licensed Nurse Practitioner.

I look forward to giving away thousands of dollars worth of services and products to many lucky winners over the next year. Best of luck to you!! Now GO WIN SOME FREE PRIZES AND BE FLAWLESS!!!

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